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Some of my published work is not on the Internet, but I have a few things online that you can peruse online. Right at the moment I’m just managing to keep up with this blog and emails. I hope to get around to handwriting some thank-you notes. I owe many of those. I also hope to do some other kinds of writing; however, realistically, I’m just barely keeping up with what I’m doing given how I react to cancer treatments.

  • What’s a Traditional Mom Anyway? Published in The Women’s Quarterly in 2001.
  • Writing With Baby. Published way back when Daniel was a baby.
  • Be the Star You are for Teens. This one’s not online, you have to buy it, but I’m a contributor and you can see my name at this link for what it’s worth! You can even listen to me talk about my contribution on World Talk Radio along with Davis Lunsford, one of my students. It’s toward the end of the show.
  • Transport Cerification Update. Before I had to go on leave to get poisoned on a weekly basis, I was editor-in-chief of this publication and wrote some of the articles. It’s in capable hands now (thanks, Marcia), and I hope to get back to it one of these days.
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