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December 7, 2010

Debbie here. This will for sure be short. No clear picture of what is going on with Jill. She is still very agitated and not very lucid. They’re giving her more drugs to help with the agitation. Hank’s big prayer requests are for someone to sit down and give us the big picture and for lucidity for Jill. The doctors use a lot of big scary words, but nothing to really help the family make the right decisions for Jill. I’m taking the rest of the week off of work. It’s not looking great, but neither is it hopeless. Thanks!



Short Visit – Cranky Patient

December 6, 2010

Debbie again. This will be short. Thanks to all of you that sent me e-mails and for all the great words of encouragement. I brought them with me the hospital today and read them all to Jill.  She said to thank all of you very much. To those of you that asked to visit, she said not yet. She’s still not very lucid – sort of in and out of consciousness. I think she’d rather wait until she feels more presentable and can actually carry on a conversation before a lot of folks go parading through.

I arrived at the hospital today about 2pm. The first thing I noticed was that Jill looked a whole lot better than she did yesterday. She had a lot more color in her face – I could even see all her freckles. She was also breathing a lot more easily. That was very encouraging. I read all of your posts and e-mails right away.

About an hour before I arrived, Jill received the first chemo infusion. Prior to chemo they usually load the patient up with anti-nausea drugs and benadryl (presumably in case there is an allergic reaction). So between all those drugs, the Xanax and the chemo, she was pretty zonked. She was also very agitated. She kept pulling off her oxygen and wanting to be moved around in the bed. She wanted me to call Dr. Ingber and tell him she was pulling off her oxygen – and she rattled off his phone number. I was pretty sure Dr. Ingber wouldn’t want to be bothered with that, so I told her I’d call Hank and have him call the doc.  That satisfied her and then she told me to leave. That was the end of the visit.

There you have it. I did call Hank. He was also encouraged by Jill’s appearance and breathing. He mentioned that Jill has hated that oxygen since they first gave it to her – but it is helping her breath. I guess several weeks worth of feeling like crap, being pumped full of powerful drugs, and having several minor surgeries is enough to make anyone a little cranky.

So much for short. Anyway, some encouraging things today. There’s still a long road ahead. The drugs are helping – I believe the prayers are helping more. I am continually grateful for all of you! I’m going to bed.


December 6, 2010

This is Debbie again. Jill had me put her computer in a drawer yesterday – it requires too much energy to type. Today is chemo day – she will be the first in this area to receive this new chemo. I have a vision of the chemo destroying cancer cells – like that Mucinex commercial where Mucinex wipes out the mucus family that’s taken up residence in the victims’ lungs.

Yesterday Jill received a sponge bath which she described as necessary torture.  She sent me a text about 2am this morning saying they gave her a catheter – too much effort to get up to pee. Hank, Kim & Bill (sister & her husband) and I  were all there for awhile yesterday afternoon. During that time the physical therapist stopped by to see if Jill was ready for therapy. I wish I could describe the look on Jill’s face (and repeat her actual comment). Lets just say the therapist quickly got the idea that her services were not required at that time. That brave therapist will be back today – because Jill really does need to have her muscles exercised in some way.

Dr. Zhang (Dr. Ingber’s associate) stopped by to see how Jill was doing. She mostly went over what we already know. She did prescribe Ativan to help with the anxiety. Other than the cancer, anxiety seems to be Jill’s worst problem. Xanax if good short term relief, but the Ativan should give her long-term anxiety reduction. Keeping the anxiety level controlled should also reduce her heart rate and help her get some actual rest.

Prayers for now would be for Jill’s body to be able to handle the chemo – a necessary evil at this point. Especially pray for the anxiety to go away. I understand that she’s frightened – who wouldn’t be, but mental health is also very important to recovery. Jill needs that “peace that passes all understanding”. Medication helps – God’s peace is better.

If you want to send Jill a personal message, please do so here and I’ll print them and bring them to her today. If you want to leave a message that you don’t want everyone else to see, send it to my personal e-mail which is


The real deal

December 5, 2010

I have an inspiron mini I can barely lift. The beds are rubber adn hot. I was dtrained twice last night. Hope is drainagain will dimininish with chmo or just plaine times.Feel awful.Barely sleep. Can’t see what Im typing. Hip hurts. Well insist on draain mid-day or earlier adn before bed. Feel close to death.Wish it were over. Haven’t bathed for week or more. Need prayer.will type when able, but not able.

Jill is Feeling Better

December 4, 2010

Debbie here again.  Jill’s difficulties earlier today mostly revolved around the pleural effusions continually filling up. I’m sure I don’t need to remind all of you that she now has bilateral PluerX catheters to help manage this problem. It wasn’t being managed until Hank showed up and insisted that the hospital staff get off their butts and do their jobs.

Apparently the PleurX is a technology that many of the nurses don’t know how to use. I got that information from Fred the nurse yesterday. I told Fred that I googled PleurX and immediately found a link with 5 pages of instructions on how to take care of it. He said that’s the same set of instructions the hospital staff  is using. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad – maybe just scary. I believe Hank was trained by the PA from the Pulmonologist’s office – I’m not sure why she didn’t make sure a nurse or two was trained as well.

I received the following text from Jill shortly after 7pm today  (she may have sent this earlier, my Blackberry sometimes has a delay in receiving text messages):

Doing well. Slept 6 hours. Vicodin & heating pad for pain. Will be zonked all day. Rt. lung filling. Long line of nurses want to learn procedure. Tired and will rest. Later today, or better tomorrow good for those who want to visit.

So, it sounds like there will soon be more than just Hank trained to use the PleurX and the hospital staff will do a better job helping to manage Jill’s breathing.  I’ll be away from the computer most of the day tomorrow. I’ll try to do an update on Monday morning. Who knows, Jill may feel well enough tomorrow to do one herself. The family is very grateful for your prayers. I would love to meet all of Jill’s great friends some day! Thanks!


A Message From Jill

December 4, 2010

This is Debbie relaying a message from Jill. I received a text from her saying that she was having a bad day – please no visitors – put it on the blog. I know Hank is with her.  Beyond that, I don’t know any more details. I’ll update this post if I hear more. So please cotinue the prayers.


Real quick can barely type

December 3, 2010

THANKS for updates Deb. Will be here two day getting heart rate down, starrting chemo on moday. aMeanwhile need help seeting up room so usable.  visistors’y move piece of paper by self.