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Post-brain surgery on August 5, 2009

August 9, 2009

Email sent after we got back from the surgery.

We owe a few phone calls, but it’s been a 12-hour-plus day already and we’re wiped out. The cyberknife surgery was a success as far as they can tell, though it took a couple of physicists, a radition oncologist, and several other specialists to do the planning — two very small sites in two complicated areas. So, halo screwed into my head at 7:00 a.m., CT scan, planning and machine calibration, and lots of sitting around trying to be comfortable on my part. Very boring and pretty painful/uncomfortable. Couldn’t handle the pain meds, though. Too hard on my wimpy stomach, so toughed it out. Hank was a rock.

Cyberknife surgery (technially called “radiostatic surgery” — gamma knife and cyber knife are apparently brand names) wasn’t until 4:00 or so and lasted 20 minutes and was just a matter of lying on a table (with  my head screwed to the table, of course) and letting the machines zap away. Didn’t feel a thing. Hank got to watch and said it was quite interesting and was encouraged by all the information the technicians gave about the high success rate.

Follow up in two weeks with the doctors (just a meeting) then an MRI in a month to see if the lesions are truly gone. I think they are right now.

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