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No lung surgery….

August 9, 2009

Email originally sent July 21. No lung surgery.

I won’t be getting lung surgery tomorrow, but I will be getting a portacath installed for future chemo work. So, it will be a day surgery starting at 10:30. If all goes well I’ll be out of there mid-afternoon. Please pray all goes well.

The surgeon was overly sympathetic when she called — to the point that I felt like she thought she was talking to a soon-to-be-dead woman. That brought me right back down into the dumps. It’s very hard to remember to keep concentrating on the good news when there’s just plain old not a whole lot of it out there.

Meanwhile, the surgeon informed me that Dr. Ingber (oncologist — chemo guy) and Dr.Travaglini (radiation guy) are talking with the brain doctor (gamma knife guy) as well as the tumor board (don’t even want to envision what one of their meetings looks like….) about me to try to come up with some sort of plan. The spread out locations of this crap (excuse my French) are making things complicated. I’ve heard arguments for and against having tumors removed before or after chemo. Sometimes it’s best to leave them in to see how they respond. Sometimes you’re not eligible for various studies if the tumors have been surgically removed. So, maybe this is God’s way of keeping my options open. Who knows? The scared part of me is saying that maybe they’re just giving up on me.

I don’t know exactly when I’ll have some sort of plan in place for treatment, but it might not be until August 7, which is the first moment I can get in to see Dr. Ingber. I imagine it might take him that long to do his research and see what he comes up with. I also have a second opinion scheduled with Dr. Rinn at Swedish Hospital (Seattle) on August 13. So, please pray that this cancer stays in check without surgery and without chemo while we work through all the details and that all of us here can keep from going completely insane with all the waiting and uncertainty.

After I send this email I’m going to make an appointment with a naturopath for later this week or early next week just to do something positive for myself.

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