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After meeting with the neurosurgeon. July 24.

August 9, 2009

Email originally sent July 24.

Thank you so much for your prayers today. We’ve all been feeling them!

We just got back from the neurosurgeon’s office. I had the “privilege” of seeing my two brain tumors. They’re both very small and in the left upper lobe. One is just above my left eye and one is behind it. The one behind it is fairly close to my left optic nerve, which is going to affect treatment, though I emphasized I’d rather lose some eyesight than die of a brain tumor (duh!).

The neurosurgeon feels we can treat these two spots with 90% effectivity and few side effects using the gamma knife, and he’s optimistic about my outcome — at least for my brain. I’ll have to be monitored by brain MRI every three months for the rest of my life, and possibly get re-treated should anything else pop up, but at least close monitoring offers quick treatment.

I won’t know until early next week when I’ll go in for the treatment. It will involve screwing my head into a frame, and spending the day in the hospital while they scan me and then zap me. The recovery period is supposed to be fairly short.

After that, my next appointment is with a naturopath on July 31, the chemo guy on August 7, and the 2nd opinion chemo lady on August 13. Depending on how/when the radiation goes and if my mental state improves from sheer panic to just small terror, I might even be able to resume a few normal activities for a week or two before I begin the poisoning regime. Not looking forward to that….. We also need to figure out what we’re going to do about the spot on my lung, but apparently gamma knife is not out of the question for that either.

So, that’s the latest. It was nice, once again, to hear a doctor with at least a little hopeful news. This doesn’t mean that he’ll be able to stop the cancer for spreading elsewhere, but it does mean he can stop it where it is currently in my brain, and those spots are small enough that there shouldn’t be any cognitive effect. Now I have no excuse for foolish behavior, eh? :-/

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